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International Referee/International Instructor Master Anuyaj Gautam

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Special training of Taekwondo & Hapkido on January 20, 2011

A week training of Taekwondo and Hapkido is going to commence on January 20, 2011 by former world Champion Korean Grand Master Lee Jong Won. All students and casual visitors from abroad can grab this opportunity and notify to register their name up to December last 2010. Registration Closed !!! Students, who registered their name must come on central office on Jan 18, 2011 at 8.00 am

Kukkiwon Dan Distribution Program Concluded

Kukkiwon Dan Distribution ProgramAll Nepal Taekwondo Academy organized Second Batch of Kukkiwon Dan distribution program on September 4, 2010 at Guinness Int'l Education Foundation's court yard, Kathmandu. Total 31 students got first Poom to 3rd Dan on this occasion. ANTA's Master Instructor recommended Poom and Dan certificates for Regular students of Academy after successful completion of Dan promotion test. Demonstrations of Taekwondo, Hapkido with other martial arts, Yoga, Skip, Stick were performed by Academy's students on that occasion.  See more photos

First ANTA Academy International Taekwondo Championship Concluded

December 30, 2009
First ANTA International Taekwondo Championship concluded on December 30, 2009, that was inaugurated on December 27 by Hon'ble Dr. Minendra Rijal (Minister – Ministry of Federal Affairs, Constituent Assembly, Parliamentary Affairs and Culture). On this occasion players of All Nepal Taekwondo Academy demonstrated different pattern of Taekwondo with combination of skip and aerobics. Indian Players also exhibited Taekwondo Demonstration on this ceremony. Minister Dr. Minendra Rijal honored Grand Master Prof. Cheol Young Choi for his continues contribution to promote & develop of Taekwondo in Nepal.  On this occasion Grand Master Prof. Choi presented a memento to Mrs. Dina Upadhyaya (Member of Constituent Assembly) and offered promotional help for five poor genuine Taekwondo player of Academy giving USD 100 each for their educationalANTA INTERNATIONAL TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIP fee. Prayaj Gautam, general secretary of Academy welcomed all guests and participants at the ceremony. President Anuyaj Gautam conferred thanks to championship coordinator/Chief Advisor of All Nepal Taekwondo Academy and President of Nepal South Korea friendship Society Dr. Bhanu Shrestha (Professor of Kwangoon University, Seoul, Korea), Mr. Surath Lama (President of All India Taekwondo Dojang) and all who played vital role for grand success of this championship. Nepal secured first place on the tournament with 11 Gold, 13 Silver and 30 Bronze while India secured second place with 8 Gold, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze. Canada grabbed one Silver medal on championship. more++


Master Anuyaj Gautam Participated on First Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders forum
September 1-3, 2009

First Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders forum has concluded at Dynasty Hall, The Shilla Hotel, Seoul, South Korea on September 3, 2009. World Taekwondo Headquarter- Kukkiwon and Korea Taekwondo Association first time jointly organized forum.  Grand masters and masters from USA, UK, Nepal, Canada, India and Pakistan including other 50 countries had invited in the forum with their guest or assistant. World Taekwondo Headquarter- Kukkiwon invited international referee and instructor Anuyaj Gautam on this forum with Dr. Bhanu Shrestha for his valuable contribution to develop and spread out Taekwondo in Nepal through All Nepal Taekwondo Academy. Korea Tourism Organization, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, WTF, Hotel Shilla, Seoul City, sponsored the First Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders Forum and so on. On that occasion, President of Oh Nohgyun (Faculty association of Taekwondo Department) presented his paper on Scheme and Strategy of Taekwondo for Contribution to International Society and Co prosperity of Human Culture. Director Yoo Seojun (Overseas Marketing at Korea National Tourism Organization) Presented on Marketing Strategy to Enhance the Competitiveness of Taekwondo likewise Dr. Kim Jung Heon of Youngjin University Presented on Strategy and Measure to Globalize Taekwondo and Presented on Function and Role of Taekwondo Leaders in the world by Ko young Jae (Assistant Professor of Florida, USA)

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